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Modern Sofas and Living Rooms

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A modern living room with a sofa set

Modern sofas are an excellent option for many living rooms with a modern flair. You will also find comfy, appealing sofas, lounge chairs, wing chairs and recliners, storage units and shelves, coffee tables, and end tables for your living room. Large living rooms and great rooms are better served by sectional couches, while smaller living rooms would benefit from a smaller sofa or a pair of lounge chairs.

The couch-style is perfect for vacation guests in smaller living spaces unless you have a dedicated guest bedroom. If you are inclined more toward having your living room comprised of smaller islands of furniture, begin with a couch, which is the centrepiece of the room, complement it with a smaller piece of sitting furniture — a love seat, and round out the entire ensemble with a side chair or two, tying together all the sitting furniture items with an accent table. Modern sofas are the centrepiece of every room, so the couch style needs to match your own and tie the entire room together.

As with any style, the fastest way to introduce the look to your home is by starting with large pieces of furniture, such as a couch in the living room. If you are looking to bring the face of the Moderns into your home, you will want to research the latest Sofa Set Designs for The Living Room. The living room is a space dedicated to relaxation; therefore, choosing a sofa set that is both elegant and, more importantly, comfortable is crucial.

A collection of contemporary living room furniture offers clean, stylish, and relaxed styles. When you have found the right sectional couch or recliner in a modern design that you can frame your home around, you are just a few colours, furnishings, and accessories away from creating the ultimate modern living room ensemble.

Use your found sofas, chairs, tables, and storage pieces in the living room to create your home’s ultimate desired living area. Other contemporary furniture items you can expect in a contemporary living room are coffee tables available online (aka sofa tables), ottomans, ottomans, lamps, and an array of shelves, ranging from bookshelves to etageres. Gus Modern range includes a diverse selection of modern furniture in the mid-century style, ranging from couches including sleepers and sectionals to lounge chairs that provide unparalleled comfort to accent tables that complement to bring the space together.

A contemporary couch set will fit you and your family well thanks to the vast, generous spacing and pillow-like cushions. As well as, an extra-large sofa in the form of sectional sofas will fit a maximum of ten people as it has ample space.

A U-shaped leather sofa is ideal for a living room because it helps optimize the space. The Apartment Sofa will be the best choice if you live in a smaller area and need a couch.

Fortunately, there are many high-quality couches to choose from, which are well-suited for this type of living room. Sofas and couches are some of the most challenging design decisions you will ever face. A contemporary sofa collection will give you infinite choices to fit every space. 

The Best Way To Coat Your Deck

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deck coating

Sealant, stain, and paint all have the potential to be applied to the deck to provide varying degrees of protection. Before applying any stain or paint, the surface of your deck needs to be prepared. All you have to do is prepare your wood, give it a good wash, and then you will be able to get stuck right into deck coating.

As eager as you may be to put that stain on the deck, it is important to prepare the surface correctly before applying stain. The stain needs some time to soak into the wood before fully drying, so avoid sanding the deck under direct sunlight. You will know that the time is right to stain your deck when drops of water splashed onto the surface soak quickly into the wood. If your deck has been stained before, adding another coat of stain is not going to achieve your goals for protecting your wood.

decking services

In that case, you are applying the stain at the edges of the deck, which are running up the walls of your home. Because of the shapes of the deck railings, you will have to use a brush to apply the stain to that portion of the deck. When staining a deck, you are going to be covering your whole wooden surface in a few thick, matte coats.

The paint will also form a thick layer above the surface, rather than penetrating into the wood as stains will. While stain for solid wood decks will form a layer on top as well, it is formulated with very fine consistency that helps it to penetrate into the wood and maintains the natural grain of the wood. The added thickness of paint nearly entirely covers up even the natural wood grain.

Deck stains also offer waterproof qualities, but they also add pigments to wood, with different levels of opacity, ranging from semi-transparent to full. This is essential if using opaque paints or stain, but less necessary if using semi-transparent deck stain and products like it. Deck stains also help to protect your deck by protecting it against water, rot, mold, and other annoying problems.

Deck sealant can be applied with a roller, a paint brush, or even with a paint sprayer. Deck sealant is usually a clear coating, which penetrates the wood deeply and forms a clear film over the surface, preserving the natural finish of the wood.

If you apply solid stain or clear sealer, then you cover areas of your deck with planters or furniture, these areas protected from sun exposure should be sanded. For aging decks with splitwood, applying a solid stain can buy you several years of life. To maintain the beauty of your deck and extend its lifespan, your deck needs staining every two or three years.

If you are staining a new deck, or one that has been pressure treated, staining might be a better choice, as it brings out the natural graining of the wood. If you have a brand-new deck that was built using treated wood, you are better off holding off for a couple weeks so that the wood is completely dry, so that the stain can be absorbed more completely.

An older painted deck eventually needs a new coat of stain, or you may want to think about stripping it down and staining. If you’re needing help with taking care of your deck you can call on decking services, that are experienced. Simply stain your old wood deck with thick, acrylic deck repair paint, which creates a smooth finish that will last years. Next, carefully select the color of the decks wooden covering, as deck restoration coverings soak up lots of heat and hold on to that heat for much longer than untreated wood.

If your deck is made from a nice piece of wood, then proper staining and finishing enhances that. It is hard to get the color and uniform look across your entire deck unless you stain all of your wood at once.

Semi-transparent stains are best suited for gorgeous wood decks, like thick cedars and redwoods, where you want to keep the natural colors of the wood while showing off their beauty. A good stain seals in the wood grains, so that moisture does not get into the wooden deck and rot it. Once you have applied a stain, any further layers will not adhere to it in the same way that the first layer of stain adheres to the wood grain.

If the water beads, then you need to sand down the wood slightly before applying the stain or varnish. If the wood is stained, muddy, chipped, damaged, or mildewed, or the paint is peeling, you need to fix that problem before applying another layer. Both painting and staining will extend the lifespan of your wood outdoor deck.

How To Stain The Deck?

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staining the deck

Leaving wood to dry and the stain to cure is one of the longest parts of deck staining, but also one of the most critical. Once you have cleaned your deck, letting wood fully cure is all the more important to let before you stain or paint. Stains take time to soak into the wood before they fully cure, so avoid painting the deck under direct sunlight.

You should take care of the task of applying a fresh coat of stain every few years to protect your wood and make sure that it looks its best. If you are keeping it in the same color and good shape, a DIY deck cleaning can be all that is needed to prepare your wood for the new coat of stain. One of the best ways to keep a wooden deck looking good is to keep the surface protected with a good coat of stain or paint every so often.

If you want to keep enjoying your wood deck, you have got to keep it well taken care of, and one of the best ways to do this is by applying a good stain coat every 2-3 years, or whenever needed. If your deck is made from pressure-treated wood, it needs some time for the chemicals to cure before it can take stain well. You want to make sure your deck is completely dry before adding a stain, as you do not want to trap any moisture in the wood, which could cause it to rot.

Rotted wood cannot be stained because it will not retain the stain, and simply, will not last as long. The drawback is that full-stack staining does not reveal wood grain as detail because it covers up more like paint. Full solid and semi-full staining may also overshadow wood in your deck unless it is a wood known for beauty like Green Treated Wood.

If you leave the surface of your deck exposed, drippings and runs show even when sprayed all over. If there are minor spots of stain that do not clean off in the cleanup process, then the palm-style wood finisher should be able to remove them easily once your old deck has dried. If the deck has built up an older stain, the removal gets a bit more difficult, but it is not impossible. If you are re-staining an older deck that has existing stains, then you need to sand down all of the peeled stains, if you stain on top of old peeled stains, then newer layers end up just peeping right out.

Once you sand the wood, the best place to begin staining is at your deck railings or higher sections. Before staining the new deck once weathered, you will want to remove any fibers that are damaged by the sun, mud, and mildew.

If you do not properly clean and prepare the deck, you will run into adhesion problems with the new stain, reducing the lifespan of the stain on the deck. More important than just making your deck coating look good is the fact that staining and sealing your deck helps to protect your deck against harsh UV light and the moisture of the sun, which both will reduce the lifespan of the outer wood. Staining your deck highlights the natural beauty of wood, adding color and highlighting graining within the wood. Staining can revitalize older woods with a new look or can change the tone of wood in your deck so that it is more appropriate for your decor.

Using a paint sprayer can not only help you achieve an excellent staining job on decking, but it can also reduce the time you spend on staining by half. A sprayer also applies a thinner, more uniform layer of stain, meaning that you will use less stain and achieve an impeccable finish. Deck cleaning also helps get rid of any mildew in your deck boards and helps create a blank canvas in your decking so that it is ready to take stain. Not only is pressure washing super fun (and satisfying), it is essential for cleaning up the wood surfaces to allow them to fully and evenly absorb the stain.

Staining your wood is pretty easy, and the process depends on what kind of stain you are using (see the bottom of the page). Professional woodworkers sometimes coat a clear coat on top of stained wood to create a shiny finish. You may wish to use a pre-staining conditioner to make sure that your wood is easily accepting of the stain, as some types of untreated wood soak up finish and you end up using more than you need.

Yes, you are going to be tempted to use a roller – it is much faster to coat the whole area with a roller versus painting by hand – but a brush will work better at getting your stain in the woodgrain. I like using the Deck Staining Pads rather than rollers, as they are a lot easier to reach around corners and edges.

In this case, you might need to use a brush to reach joints, swab off the stain from surfaces when they are damp, and then use a pad applicator to apply it to the deck surfaces themselves. You should wait at least two days after your last rain, or once your deck has been cleaned, before applying your first layer of stain. When staining the exterior rails and joists, you will want to use your smallest deck brush, and try to avoid spraying on your deck boards.

Save Your Deck From Sun Damage

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Several problems you will see on decks are nailing, ripping the surface of the boards and twisting the wood, which can cause the wood to get wet and absorb water, expand, dry out and contract. The way to avoid these problems is to ensure that you put on your deck a good sealer every year or two.

If your deck has been sealed in the past, it only needs to be coated once. The average outer deck stain will last 3-4 years before it needs to be renewed. Depending on the type of product you use on your deck, a deck needs to be re-sealed and coloured every 1 to 4 years.

If you age your hardwood deck and change color, you will want to keep its color by staining the boards with UV-blocking stain all year round. Inspect the wood on your deck regularly to ensure you don’t damage anything, and use deck cleaner to wash surfaces that look good and not streaky.

Walk through the deck with a stiff bristle brush that cleans and rinses the wood fibers thoroughly. Rinse the deck thoroughly before using chlorine bleach, as the bleach will corrode the wood, causing blurred and premature greying. The grey layer oxidizes the deck, and the stain is removed before the new stain penetrates the wood and is properly applied.

Beautiful large back deck.

After the nails have been driven in, we are ready to clean the deck with a deck wash cleaner specially made for this purpose. We pour the brightener into a garden spray and wet the deck thoroughly.

If left untreated, mould and algae can spread on a damaged deck. If you need to replace the wood on your deck, replace it if it is damaged. After the broken or damaged wood has been replaced, you will have to clean your deck to prepare for the next step.

When a deck is exposed to full sun, it has the harmful effect of shortening the life of the wood. Sun damage is caused by the sun’s UV rays turning the wood on the decks gray over time. If you take good care of the floorings, you will never have to contend with sun damage to the wood again.

When a deck is damaged by the sun, the deck and board can warp, tear and split, creating dangerous splinters and an unappealing appearance. In view of this, it is important to know how to protect and restore a deck from sun damage.

The good news is that if you focus on maintaining your wooden deck year-round, you can help keep its life span and make it look best no matter what the weather. Avoid salt, ice or melting products on the deck to avoid damaging your surface and discoloration. In the course of time, a sitting moisture can wreak havoc on the wood, so help your deck by keeping it as dry as possible.

Even if the wood on your deck is not known for its beauty, such as green-treated wood, solid or semi-solid stains cover it. You may want to go a step further and apply a solid stain seal to extend the life of the deck before the boards start to crack.

More opaque stains provide greater protection from the sun and can better prevent damage caused by dry wood. For new wood and older decks, clear finishes and transparent stains are fine, but Starling advises a semi-transparent stain. If you see dark spots on the deck, shade the area around it for mold spots.

When the heat builds up and the sun sets, your deck can suffer from the strain. Sun damage can also make your deck vulnerable to water damage. We have all experienced summer heatwaves and know how to avoid damage before it occurs.

One of the best ways to protect your wooden patio furniture from sun damage is to use products that have been specially made for it. Here we share the best way to do just that and extend the life of your deck furniture.

Wooden decks require some kind of maintenance, and the type of wood your deck is made of can affect the way you care for it. To make sure that your deck lasts a lifetime, begins with a high-quality, natural wood product such as DeckTec.

A good cover coating is not only important to protect your deck from the sun but also water damage. Topcoat is a clear varnish that you can apply to your wooden deck to prevent water from getting into your board. Although it is a great moisture repellent, cover sealant does not protect against the sun-damaging UV rays that can dry out your board and cause cracks and splinters.

Deck makeover projects are usually a project that can be completed in two days, but it is better to spread the work out over two weekends to make sure the wood is dry before you apply the deck stain. It is important that you do not skip this step, as after coating it must be cleaned the deck to protect from the sun.

Pickling your deck emphasizes the natural beauty of the wood and adds color by emphasizing the grain of the wood. Pickling brings old wood back to life with a fresh colour and changes the colour of the wood on your deck to match your decor.

For most people, the first thought when we talk about covering care is to seal or dye the wood. Coatings and covering stains seem to serve the same purpose of protecting your wood from the elements, but offer different advantages. In addition to beautifying your deck with a stain, sealing your deck can protect it from harsh UV rays and moisture from the sun, which can shorten the life of the wood outdoors.