7 Adorable Plus Size Lingerie Sets For Valentine’s Day

For many young adults, their very first memories of Valentine’s Day would most likely be of deciding what paper card to sent to a crush of yours in the early years of primary school. As a young one, every kid in school would have had a valentine, but when you grow up it becomes more complicated. Choosing what to wear for your valentine could be a very hard decision, including deciding what to wear in the bedroom like those fancy womens shoes, yes I am talking about plus size lingerie.


Many ladies who are plus size, say they don’t usually think too much into wearing lacy lingerie, but more and more women these days are starting to rethink their decision, realising that there so much more to choose from these days with very nice looking womens knitwear. There are now many varieties in trendy plus size dresses, corsets, caged bras and even comfortable oversized shirts. Here is a great selection of plus sized Valentine’s Day clothing that may get your senses tingling.


  1. When You Want To Feel And Look Like A Princess


Cassandra Pink Marabou Dressing Gown

Here we have started with a piece of clothing that makes a statement. This is a really nice dressing gown that can especially be used in the colder months of the year, wherever you reside in the world.


  1. If You Desire Nice Looking Underwear But Do Not Like The Underwire


Two Tone Bra Set

This red and black lace set is found attractive by many plus size women. Why? Because there is no underwire in it at all, which increases the total comfort of it and you can even buy some frilly womens boots to match. This is definitely a piece of clothing that is a must for Valentine’s Day.


  1. When You Want To Wear Flowers, Not Pick Them


Love Affair Unlined Underwire

This incredibly comfortable and very nicely designed bra set is very detailed and looks very nice with your favourite womens wedges. The way the base colours blend with the flower pattern makes this an irresistible piece of women’s plus size clothing for any plus size woman.


  1. Gender Neutral Comfort Anyone?


Tomboy Short

Every now and then you just want to wear something that is comfortable and don’t even care what it looks like, and in this case, even if they look like they belong to a male. These shorts are extremely comfortable and are also very stretchy. Sounds good, doesn’t it?


  1. Feeling Like A Ringleader?


Diamond Corset

This intriguing piece of clothing not only looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but it screams confidence. If you are after that boost of confidence and are after those feel good hormones, this is definitely a good choice. This outfit is that hot that you’ll be making your partner scream for the emergency lighting!


  1. Needing That 90’s Look?


Plus Size Satin Long Sleeve Top and Pyjama Set

You will find that silk and satin pyjamas would have been a desire of many women when they were younger. But don’t let the age factor be the deciding factor of whether you buy yourself a pair or not. Go for it! They look very trendy and if you grab some boots online or slippers it would look great!


  1. In Need of Something Soft In Your Life?


Naturally Close Super Soft Velour Gown

Whether it is Valentine’s Day or staying over at a best friends house for a girls night in, this extremely soft gown is your new friend when you take your comfy womens playsuits off!


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