De-clutter and Re-design your spare room

It’s proper to organise your old spare room during a weekend or long holiday where there’ll be adequate time to sort every item. Don’t forget that sorting a junk room involves a step-by-step plan, and here are helpful ways of achieving your task.


It’s proper to plan before setting out on any physical activity like creating a new look or design to an old spare room. Ensure you have some transparent storage boxes, microfiber cloth, and a long broom to remove cobwebs from hard-to-reach corners. Sorting every item in a junk room might be easy, but it’s hard to continue the task after taking a break to get something from the home improvement shop. So, have a clear-cut objective and everything you’ll need to achieve the task before you start.

Cleaning and Organisation

All items in a cluttered spare room will need to be sorted into two categories before cleaning. This systematic process of categorising your old possessions will make the cleaning activity easy. You might need to purchase home improvement boxes beforehand or use some old packaging boxes. Instead of spending the time to clean every item in the old spare room that might be dusty, you could discard the clutters and junks. To create space in the untidy room; sort, clean and put like items in the same box. Use a piece of soft napkin to clean valuable possessions. Then, clean every item that can generate money from junkyards, antique shops, or garage sales. In the third category, keep items that you can donate to a charity such as furniture’s that you may not need anymore, electronic equipment, wooden stuffs, products for display, etc. while the fourth box should hold broken and old items. So, you have four packaging boxes with different categories of items. Additionally, you should store valuable possessions like clothes in transparent and decorative boxes. Label the paperboard boxes with the names of its items so that all you can identify them easily.

Seal and Store

While cleaning all your stuff in the old spare room, you shouldn’t be surprised to see spiders, crawling insects, and rodents. These little organisms decided to find their ecosystem since you abandoned the junk room. After spending the whole day to clean and sort every item, be decisive about what to do with each box. Send what you are giving to charity without delay, and generate revenue from what you can. Also, seal and store the box with your valuable items for the future. Don’t hesitate to dump all junk items in the refuse bin. These include items that you may not want to let go of, such as a wire furniture you may share sentimental values with but needs to be discarded due to the rust it has developed over time. The refurbishment and creating space process might give you better ideas to buy new and improved furniture for your newly revamped room. So, don’t hesitate for a new change and a worthwhile de-clutter.

It might be easy to wipe the dust-off items if you leave these boxes in another room without sealing them. However, you’ll save yourself the hassles of chasing after crawling insects and rodents when you get rid of clutter from the junk room.

Upgrade the Old Spare Room

Apart from holding junks, you old spare room can serve useful purposes. It could serve as an additional guest room, baby’s room, or hold decorations for Halloween, Christmas or Easter. Give the room some upgrades after DE-cluttering and organising it. Simply use DIY (do-it-yourself) interior decorations and some cozy shades of paint on the walls. Usually, white paints make a clean, fresh room that’s comfortable. Don’t wash the floor of your old spare room before painting. Instead, clean the floors and cabinets after painting, and keep the room well-ventilated to reduce odour from chemicals.

Take Photos

Remember that pictures tell more than a thousand words. Take photographs of your old spare room with clutters and its new look after tidying up. It will remind you of how much progress was made in converting the junk room to some valuable space.


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