New Gallery Hits London

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The exhibition display plinths gallery was set for its grand opening on Friday, 12 February 2016, joining the group of galleries in the art scene in London. However, people ask just what is it that sets this gallery apart from the rest? In fact, it is the focus on limited edition works of art and the uniqueness by leading and world renowned artists. Instead of showing off the artworks in a traditional gallery setting, the use of display plinths creates a different and more of a domestic and home-like feeling to the viewer, holding the piece of artwork slanted on a warm angle, positioning pieces up like womens high heels. This gives compliments the artwork, giving a touch of reality due to its enhancement in setting. Here, we will discover more about these kinds of galleries using a popular gallery as an example, Plinth.

What does the ‘Plinth’ gallery mainly focus on?

The main kinds of art pieces Plinth is mostly interested in are the limited edition artworks. We strive to make contemporary art very affordable to the public, which is the embedded nature of these limited editions. We have now enabled people from the wider community to have access to world famous artists works of art for only a fraction of the price of the original. Plinth strives to blur the conscious line between the aesthetics and functionality, and art and design – the majority of the products that we offer are designed to be shown off inside a domestic setting, not your typical gallery setting.

How did Plinth decide what their specialty was going to be, and what is the unique selling point?

The team first had to align all of its products with the businesses manifesto, and that is when the question arose of where we planned on showing off the pieces of artwork. These kinds of works are more suited to the living room kind of setting – being propped on the mantelpiece or coffee table, not in a white gallery where it wouldn’t have the maximum impact. The issue was solved when the team visited an old 1710 Georgian townhouse, located in the center of London. Many of the quirky characteristics of this house still remain to this day and is what we have tied into our gallery. Plinth’s gallery is something out of the ordinary, with some describing it as an ‘artist’s salon’. The team has sourced all kinds of quirky furniture settings including opened shipping crates strategically placed in corners, in the attempt to create that similarity to the old Georgian house. Many of the vintage shop fittings have been sourced from all around London, and the best thing is that everything that you see in the building is for sale, benefiting our designers and suppliers.

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