Do Hotel Redesign cause Loss of Guests?

Hotel re-designing and artistic renovation play an essential role in the strategic and long-term planning of hotel properties. Renovation enables hotel owners to rebuild and upgrades their hotel properties, which doesn’t only extend the lifespan of hotel properties but also boosts the efficiency, competitiveness and image of the hotel. Hotel especially requires a consistent round of renovating projects.

Hotel renovation may take various forms, which include building additional structures, rebuilding standing structures, interior and exterior renovations, such as painting, rewiring, plumbing work etc. and this normal involve many contractors handling structural tasks. However, most new hotels typically undergo cosmetic renovations.

Hotel renovations can constitute disturbance and privacy issues to guests. But depending on the type of renovation and how the hotel management is handling it, guests can still stay in hotels while renovating it. But if the hotel management does not well treat the renovation procedure, it can lead to loss or replacement of guests. Hence, the renovation could be difficult for both the hotel and its guests but if well handled, both parties will benefit from the renovation. This can be achieved through honesty.

When it comes to hotel renovations, honesty is the best policy. It is important and better for hotel management to inform their guests about any on-going renovation work right before they check-in. By doing this, guests wouldn’t be too surprised. A guest wouldn’t prefer opening their windows one day to see a large crane right outside as their view which they paid for. Remember, guests like to be surprised with a free bottle of sparkling wine in their room, and not sudden repeated hit on the wall or scaffolding lying outside their room.

Also, it would be an effective approach to put up an announcement on the hotel website for guests who make online bookings. This would notify guests about the on-going renovations when they book your hotel and they wouldn’t be too surprised when they see all the renovation activities and equipment. The announcement on the website would also be a sort of enticement for those guests who are considering a stay in the future. They would definitely want to come and experience your newly renovated hotel?

Moreover, during hotel renovation, especially an extensive one, guests should be offered a special renovation discount. This discount can ensure that hotel occupancies continue during the renovation and can as well buy quests’ goodwill.  So, in the case of an extensive hotel renovation, guests wouldn’t be able to complain as they are already aware of the renovation. Besides, they have received a discount as compensation from the hotel management.

Hotel renovations can sometimes be in favour of the guests. For instance, if there is an expensive hotel you have been dreaming of staying in but couldn’t afford.  A generous renovation discount from the management of such a hotel can make the hotel an affordable luxury for you. You might even enjoy free breakfast or a complimentary bottle of champagne.

In most hotels, renovation work stops at 6 pm. Hence, if you would be out all day to return in the evening, you would always enjoy your evenings in absolute luxury. Also, there are other benefits attached to hotel renovation, even if the renovation is not a major one. For instance, you can enjoy half-price spa treatments.

Hotel renovations are necessary activities that must be conducted for the eventual benefits of hotel management and guests. Most hotel renovation activities are actually less dramatic and present minor inconveniences, which may include a closed pool, slight obstructions, low loaders in the parking or construction noise. But these issues can also be resolved and the difficulties accommodated with patience, politeness, and persistence. So, if the hotel you are about to book is under renovation, you can stay in a hotel while renovating it.


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