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The Best Way To Coat Your Deck

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Sealant, stain, and paint all have the potential to be applied to the deck to provide varying degrees of protection. Before applying any stain or paint, the surface of your deck needs to be prepared. All you have to do is prepare your wood, give it a good wash, and then you will be able to get stuck right into deck coating.

As eager as you may be to put that stain on the deck, it is important to prepare the surface correctly before applying stain. The stain needs some time to soak into the wood before fully drying, so avoid sanding the deck under direct sunlight. You will know that the time is right to stain your deck when drops of water splashed onto the surface soak quickly into the wood. If your deck has been stained before, adding another coat of stain is not going to achieve your goals for protecting your wood.

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In that case, you are applying the stain at the edges of the deck, which are running up the walls of your home. Because of the shapes of the deck railings, you will have to use a brush to apply the stain to that portion of the deck. When staining a deck, you are going to be covering your whole wooden surface in a few thick, matte coats.

The paint will also form a thick layer above the surface, rather than penetrating into the wood as stains will. While stain for solid wood decks will form a layer on top as well, it is formulated with very fine consistency that helps it to penetrate into the wood and maintains the natural grain of the wood. The added thickness of paint nearly entirely covers up even the natural wood grain.

Deck stains also offer waterproof qualities, but they also add pigments to wood, with different levels of opacity, ranging from semi-transparent to full. This is essential if using opaque paints or stain, but less necessary if using semi-transparent deck stain and products like it. Deck stains also help to protect your deck by protecting it against water, rot, mold, and other annoying problems.

Deck sealant can be applied with a roller, a paint brush, or even with a paint sprayer. Deck sealant is usually a clear coating, which penetrates the wood deeply and forms a clear film over the surface, preserving the natural finish of the wood.

If you apply solid stain or clear sealer, then you cover areas of your deck with planters or furniture, these areas protected from sun exposure should be sanded. For aging decks with splitwood, applying a solid stain can buy you several years of life. To maintain the beauty of your deck and extend its lifespan, your deck needs staining every two or three years.

If you are staining a new deck, or one that has been pressure treated, staining might be a better choice, as it brings out the natural graining of the wood. If you have a brand-new deck that was built using treated wood, you are better off holding off for a couple weeks so that the wood is completely dry, so that the stain can be absorbed more completely.

An older painted deck eventually needs a new coat of stain, or you may want to think about stripping it down and staining. If you’re needing help with taking care of your deck you can call on decking services, that are experienced. Simply stain your old wood deck with thick, acrylic deck repair paint, which creates a smooth finish that will last years. Next, carefully select the color of the decks wooden covering, as deck restoration coverings soak up lots of heat and hold on to that heat for much longer than untreated wood.

If your deck is made from a nice piece of wood, then proper staining and finishing enhances that. It is hard to get the color and uniform look across your entire deck unless you stain all of your wood at once.

Semi-transparent stains are best suited for gorgeous wood decks, like thick cedars and redwoods, where you want to keep the natural colors of the wood while showing off their beauty. A good stain seals in the wood grains, so that moisture does not get into the wooden deck and rot it. Once you have applied a stain, any further layers will not adhere to it in the same way that the first layer of stain adheres to the wood grain.

If the water beads, then you need to sand down the wood slightly before applying the stain or varnish. If the wood is stained, muddy, chipped, damaged, or mildewed, or the paint is peeling, you need to fix that problem before applying another layer. Both painting and staining will extend the lifespan of your wood outdoor deck.

Renovating a Hotel- Tasmanian Tourism

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The best thing to do when it comes to renovating your hotel is to make sure it stands out. It is important to focus on cost-effectiveness when it comes to investing for long terms benefits, however, one must ensure that it is done correctly. Your reputation is on the line, and it is vital to keep up with modern trends and do it better than the hotel down the road. Especially considering a location like Tasmania, which is rich in luxury tourism, it is essential to keep in mind all those intricacies that make them step out in the market amongst the various other competitors offering the same service.

The happier the customers, the more they will come back which means more revenue in your pocket.

Here are the top 3 hotel trends to consider when renovating:

Adding Social lobbies:

Guests need a spot to power up, meet with colleagues, connect their devices to Wi-Fi and be able to have a private conversation when they are out of their rooms. An inviting lobby is just the place. Now called a social lobby the aim is to provide a gathering space to meet and socialise and be able to use the facilities of modern technology such as Wi-Fi and charging their gadgets.

When you start renovating allow for some table and chairs where people can set up their laptops or iPad with plenty of charging ports and room to move but also be private. Although lobbies had the traditional outlook to it earlier, now hotels are changing them into a more social lounge with couches, Wi-Fi, coffee facilities and places where travellers can sit and check their emails etc. Time and efforts are now being invested into creating interesting work of art in their hotel lobbies in Hobart, and various other hotels all across Tasmania, to give the guests an unforgettable experience.

There was plenty of positive feedback regarding the more social atmosphere but allowing for privacy if you need to. This was understood from reviewing various feedbacks from hotel guests.

Guest-rooms with plugins:

Hotels are now getting up to speed with the technological demands of the growing world. Business people travel with smartphones, laptops that all need to be plugged in and charged several times while they are staying at the hotel.

Guests would prefer to stay in their own private room rather than carrying their laptop devices all the way down to the lobby. Allowing for outlets to charge and run such devices will keep hotel stayers happy and able to perform the duties they need to. Especially considering the business working class guests that stay at various Tasmanian hotels who expect not just a service but also luxury of comfort and options.

Even just having a family staying in a motel room there will be plugs needed to charge the parent’s cell phones, children may have an iPad, a laptop and an iPod that all need to be charged.

Most hotels are going for ten outlets to allow for technology devices among others like lamps and electric blankets. No one wants to be crawling on the floor or bending right down to reach power points having them at average height works well.

Changing things up:

Reinventing Food and Beverage to reconfigure the restaurant design along with the menu to freshen everything up and give the menu a new lease on life. This serves as an incentive for customers to come out and try the new items on the menu. The flourishing tourism in Tasmania has led

Most tend to design mainly on practicability when it comes to dining areas. While this is good, you need to be introducing creativity and add some romantic dining spaces, unique dinnerware with chairs and tables that stand out. Match styles and designs but don’t go for the traditional look that is old hat now and people want to see modern styling and current trends. Moreover, sprucing up the dining or diversifying the cuisines provided can further lead to increasing employment opportunities for hotel jobs facing the population. What better way to enhance your brand image than make it reflect a people and economy friendly place ?