Creating A Narrative For Your Hotel

Consider the essence of human relation for a moment.

The most common way we relate to other indivuals is by finding commonality that bridges the gap and makes their company desirable and stimulating.

You must describe your hotel as if you are talking about the best day you’ve ever had to someone, make it enticing filled with personality characterstics, things people could do over their stay and the general vibe. In a more succinct term, create a story.

Stories are suprisingly engaging to customers and it will allow your potential customers to stimulate their sense of imagination and desire. So keep this in mind when you’re producing content for your main social platforms as it will generate a foundation for authentic conversations with your audience. 

Considering about 75 percent of people do not trust traditional types of promotion, and also the simple fact that we are exposed to tens of thousands of advertising messages on a daily basis, you have to discover a way to cut through the mess in a purposeful manner.

A frequent misconception around the storytelling hotel strategy is that you will need a huge budget to execute efficiently. However, there are dozens and dozens of strategies to adopt storytelling in your marketing campaigns that may not even require a load of funds.

Storytelling in Accomodation Advertising

By employing a storytelling approach into your resort marketing plan, you can associate valuable content without really ‘selling’ your hotel to visitors. Instead, you are showing them why they ought to choose you over the competition in an engaging, authentic manner.

Fantastic storytellers on the internet are moving out from the immense chunks of dull, standardised descriptions and text of conveniences, towards the usage of large, beautiful, bold pictures of decoration and design with attractive narratives and persuasive bite-sized movies, more fitting into the current multi-device, multi-channel universe.

When considering how to integrate this strategy on your marketing efforts, it is important to be aware that your hotel does not have to just have one set storyline. Instead, consider daily activities or characteristics as unique stories inside themselves — magical moments that occur around your infinity pool; your interior architect describing their interior design choices; a few photographs showing what you are planting on your veggie garden this year — all these may be packed as a kind of storytelling via your internet stations.

Below are a few important factors to make in creating your internet story:

  • You can not be everything to everybody, so decide who your primary audience is and build your plan around that.
  • Develop a tone. (Interesting and quirky? Strictly professional?) Your primary audience may also impact this choice.
  • Consider your story. What fascinating stories does your resort need to share? Your property may be indulged in history, or maybe you be a pioneer in eco-awareness and green clinics.
  • Consider your location. Are you a beautiful waterfront accomodation? Paint the picture of your surroundings and highlight the attractions and offerings your hotel has that guests can partake in
  • List all of the benefits that your hotel offers, and what values it will provide to your potential guests.
  • Use Visual Media. Pictures and movie consistently trump text. Use high-quality media, that will support the narrative you have created through words. You do not require a huge budget. A smartphone that has a fantastic camera will be able to help you produce engaging and thoughtful content if funds are tight. It can be as simple as going into the kitchen and doing a quick Q and A with the chef, asking him what is on the menu tonight. Or takimg a slow video pan of those remarkable views found from your premises and tying that into a narrative about why people need to book a night in your hotel.
  • Build a content strategy. As soon as you’ve given any thought to these principles, schedule a monthly content program.
  • Encourage your guests to create content. Nothing is really as gratifying as seeing guests becoming involved with the resort’s storyline in a positive manner. It generates great societal proof and turns individuals to vocal ambassadors to your own brand. Create a hashtag for guests to use throughout their stay and encourage them to tag you in the photos they post.
  • Understand how to maximise engagement. Keep in mind that photographs, links and videos get much better involvement than text-only articles. Consider having an intriguing, high quality photograph to stand out with a well-written informative article that makes the reader feel as if they are experiencing it themselves. Reply to your followers immediately, and make sure you always remain in the tone/voice you have chosen.
  • Choose your main platforms. Once selected ensure you are posting regularly and as frequently as possible.

Using social media for the sole purpose of self-promotion is an error that lots of hoteliers are guilty of, but by making use of a storytelling strategy, you can be certain that you receive the ideal balance between making intriguing, engaging articles that will be the most affective.

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