Save Your Deck From Sun Damage

Several problems you will see on decks are nailing, ripping the surface of the boards and twisting the wood, which can cause the wood to get wet and absorb water, expand, dry out and contract. The way to avoid these problems is to ensure that you put on your deck a good sealer every year or two.

If your deck has been sealed in the past, it only needs to be coated once. The average outer deck stain will last 3-4 years before it needs to be renewed. Depending on the type of product you use on your deck, a deck needs to be re-sealed and coloured every 1 to 4 years.

If you age your hardwood deck and change color, you will want to keep its color by staining the boards with UV-blocking stain all year round. Inspect the wood on your deck regularly to ensure you don’t damage anything, and use deck cleaner to wash surfaces that look good and not streaky.

Walk through the deck with a stiff bristle brush that cleans and rinses the wood fibers thoroughly. Rinse the deck thoroughly before using chlorine bleach, as the bleach will corrode the wood, causing blurred and premature greying. The grey layer oxidizes the deck, and the stain is removed before the new stain penetrates the wood and is properly applied.

Beautiful large back deck.

After the nails have been driven in, we are ready to clean the deck with a deck wash cleaner specially made for this purpose. We pour the brightener into a garden spray and wet the deck thoroughly.

If left untreated, mould and algae can spread on a damaged deck. If you need to replace the wood on your deck, replace it if it is damaged. After the broken or damaged wood has been replaced, you will have to clean your deck to prepare for the next step.

When a deck is exposed to full sun, it has the harmful effect of shortening the life of the wood. Sun damage is caused by the sun’s UV rays turning the wood on the decks gray over time. If you take good care of the floorings, you will never have to contend with sun damage to the wood again.

When a deck is damaged by the sun, the deck and board can warp, tear and split, creating dangerous splinters and an unappealing appearance. In view of this, it is important to know how to protect and restore a deck from sun damage.

The good news is that if you focus on maintaining your wooden deck year-round, you can help keep its life span and make it look best no matter what the weather. Avoid salt, ice or melting products on the deck to avoid damaging your surface and discoloration. In the course of time, a sitting moisture can wreak havoc on the wood, so help your deck by keeping it as dry as possible.

Even if the wood on your deck is not known for its beauty, such as green-treated wood, solid or semi-solid stains cover it. You may want to go a step further and apply a solid stain seal to extend the life of the deck before the boards start to crack.

More opaque stains provide greater protection from the sun and can better prevent damage caused by dry wood. For new wood and older decks, clear finishes and transparent stains are fine, but Starling advises a semi-transparent stain. If you see dark spots on the deck, shade the area around it for mold spots.

When the heat builds up and the sun sets, your deck can suffer from the strain. Sun damage can also make your deck vulnerable to water damage. We have all experienced summer heatwaves and know how to avoid damage before it occurs.

One of the best ways to protect your wooden patio furniture from sun damage is to use products that have been specially made for it. Here we share the best way to do just that and extend the life of your deck furniture.

Wooden decks require some kind of maintenance, and the type of wood your deck is made of can affect the way you care for it. To make sure that your deck lasts a lifetime, begins with a high-quality, natural wood product such as DeckTec.

A good cover coating is not only important to protect your deck from the sun but also water damage. Topcoat is a clear varnish that you can apply to your wooden deck to prevent water from getting into your board. Although it is a great moisture repellent, cover sealant does not protect against the sun-damaging UV rays that can dry out your board and cause cracks and splinters.

Deck makeover projects are usually a project that can be completed in two days, but it is better to spread the work out over two weekends to make sure the wood is dry before you apply the deck stain. It is important that you do not skip this step, as after coating it must be cleaned the deck to protect from the sun.

Pickling your deck emphasizes the natural beauty of the wood and adds color by emphasizing the grain of the wood. Pickling brings old wood back to life with a fresh colour and changes the colour of the wood on your deck to match your decor.

For most people, the first thought when we talk about covering care is to seal or dye the wood. Coatings and covering stains seem to serve the same purpose of protecting your wood from the elements, but offer different advantages. In addition to beautifying your deck with a stain, sealing your deck can protect it from harsh UV rays and moisture from the sun, which can shorten the life of the wood outdoors.

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