Having Art in a Modern Hospital

Most of us know doctors clinics and hospitals are stressful and we are not always there for good news. Majority of the time is spent sitting in a chair staring at a bare wall feeling cramped and frustrated. Whether you are very sick or just getting a check-up the truth is we don’t want to stare at a bare wall, we want to see colour, patterns and something uplifting. We don’t tend to see much modern art being used due to the fact hospitals have low funding as it is so the spending on art is not a priority.

Is it possible that a drawing or painting can help to reduce negative feelings and anxiety? Is there any truth to people saying that art makes them heal faster?

Doctors are starting to think so. Doctors surgeries are starting to put money behind the change and transform their sterile, cold place into space with contemporary art and modern sculptures. Hospitals are starting to gain art programs, healing gardens and even art classes into their facility for people having a long stay for treatment. There are more public art displays being put up and it seems that a study conducted showed that there was a significant increase in the number of healthcare clinics displaying modern art.

Gone are the days where the only things you need to include in a medical centre or hospital is a bed, some pans and a specific type of hospital mattress, the modern hospital needs art.

There was research that was conducted on the impact of art on patients and this is what was found:

 Art offered a distraction from their illness or symptoms

 There was an improvement in their well-being due to a decrease in negative emotions each

time they visited the doctor’s office

 A reduction in negative thoughts while awaiting test results

 An increase in positive emotions and a reduction in distress

 Improvements in blood flow and heart rate

These benefits are absolutely enormous, and it makes you think whether modern art would have the same effects on people if they were to have similar modern art at home surrounded around them?

The world is so negative and we are seeing so many different ways negativity is being expressed like throughout social media, bullying in workplaces, word of mouth and horrible news reports on television. Somehow no what matter the picture is or the interpretations it can offer a wide variety of audience members viewing it, we don’t have negative thoughts when starring at modern art.

When sick people are looking over art that someone has created it can fuel their creativity and provide them with some inspiration that maybe they could see it igniting their mind and lead to them developing and making their own creations for the rest of the world to see.

Art offers so many benefits:

 Art helps to mimic a sensation of love.
Science has shown that when looking at art you tend to experience the physicals reactions we experience when falling in love. When we look at something we like, we trigger the release of the chemical dopamine that is related to love and pleasure. This could lead to a patient feeling much more on the up than those who aren’t viewing art.

 Studies show that viewing modern art at the doctor’s office or hospital can have a positive impact on your life like lowering your anxiety levels, boosting thinking skills and a decrease in stress levels awaiting test results.

 Art has also showed to have an even more significant influence on patient morale in aged care homes.

Viewing art is simply an outlet and a release from the negativity that is in your head. It allows you to take your incoming signals away and create a positive incoming one. Amazing all this can come from a piece of artwork. Including art pieces in your modern medical practise, clinic or centre is a must to make sure your patients are feeling as comfortable or as distracted as possible.

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