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Luxury Interior Design Styles Tips

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It’s possible to make your apartment appear like a luxury hotel with key styles of interior designs. With innovative ideas, any home can be designed luxuriously. Also, the use of colors and ideas helps to put your luxury accommodation in the spotlight. A contemporary interior design style can be a mix of different styles. However, your interior designer should ensure uniform conformity with your home’s architecture.

Accentuate Your Interior Design with Curtains

A smart way of enhancing the design of your luxury home is by using low-key luxe curtains, or blinds. However, the plan to infuse an eclectic style of well-designed curtains might increase your expenses. Instead of expensive curtains, homeowners prefer to use Venetian or wooden blinds because they enhance privacy. Generally, window coverings like curtains and draperies are easy to maintain. Also, luxury curtains with high-end designs come in fabric options of damasks, linen, and silk. These are common types of certain materials that you’ll see in luxury hotels. You might want to stick with your budget by hiring a seamstress that can design luxe curtains that appeal to your taste.

Consider Aesthetically Beautiful Light Fixtures

Get creative when you intend to choose key styles of lighting fixtures for your luxury home. Usually, lavish lighting fixtures like wall sconces, chandeliers, and side lamps are expensive. However, you can maintain a budget that allows you to transform your home into luxury accommodation with statement lights. Simply hire an electrician to install ceiling light designs and elaborate overhead lights in your apartment. Consider the use of bold colours that can bring out the effect of bright lights. Also, artwork under overhead lights can showcase the beauty of any interior design proudly. The aesthetic beauty of well-designed lamp shades, pretty vases, and side lamps can add to your style of lighting fixtures. They can create a well-lit home, even in the absence of natural lights.

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Place Huge Emphasis on Furniture

There’s no luxury accommodation without eye-catching furniture. Even in 5-star hotels, you’ll see artwork and decorations along with extravagant furniture. Usually, every single piece of luxury furniture creates appealing interior designs that defy simplicity. However, your luxury home’s furniture like chairs, open shelves, and tables can complement and organize your space in fabulous ways. One trend is to utilise a range of stylish, high quality wire furniture to complement the design of the room. When you are set to choose styles for luxury accommodation, it’s a good idea to visualize how the room will appear before moving any piece of furniture. Alternatively, furniture accessories like throw pillows are eclectic interior fittings. Get pillows that have well-embroidered designs, they can help you to balance your home decoration style. For homes with private rooms for relaxation, gaming tables and armchairs are versatile additions. Some homeowners prefer to use the penthouse of their villas for relaxation as well as for tete-a-tete purposes. For them, it’s a style that displays elegance and extravagance.

Experience the Touch of Flowers and Greenery

Flowers make great additions to modern homes. They help you to organize your space and reduce clutter to a minimum. According to interior stylist, the versatility of flowers is incredible. Greenery and flowers in beautiful vases enhance interior designs and make an amazing luxury space. Roses and orchids bring elegance and luxe-up modern homes. Like high-end hotel lobbies that have vases and bouquets of scented floral, you can make your luxury accommodation smell nice with lush flowers. Usually, floral arrangements in the home reflect the lifestyle of its inhabitants. You can choose green plants or red twigs that radiate the power of nature into every space of your home. Don’t forget that vases attract more attention to flowers so be selective when it comes to buying the best vase for your home. Alternatively, customised wire work in the form of potted plants and ferns and plant display stands are also a trendy design option to consider.

De-clutter and Re-design your spare room

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It’s proper to organise your old spare room during a weekend or long holiday where there’ll be adequate time to sort every item. Don’t forget that sorting a junk room involves a step-by-step plan, and here are helpful ways of achieving your task.


It’s proper to plan before setting out on any physical activity like creating a new look or design to an old spare room. Ensure you have some transparent storage boxes, microfiber cloth, and a long broom to remove cobwebs from hard-to-reach corners. Sorting every item in a junk room might be easy, but it’s hard to continue the task after taking a break to get something from the home improvement shop. So, have a clear-cut objective and everything you’ll need to achieve the task before you start.

Cleaning and Organisation

All items in a cluttered spare room will need to be sorted into two categories before cleaning. This systematic process of categorising your old possessions will make the cleaning activity easy. You might need to purchase home improvement boxes beforehand or use some old packaging boxes. Instead of spending the time to clean every item in the old spare room that might be dusty, you could discard the clutters and junks. To create space in the untidy room; sort, clean and put like items in the same box. Use a piece of soft napkin to clean valuable possessions. Then, clean every item that can generate money from junkyards, antique shops, or garage sales. In the third category, keep items that you can donate to a charity such as furniture’s that you may not need anymore, electronic equipment, wooden stuffs, products for display, etc. while the fourth box should hold broken and old items. So, you have four packaging boxes with different categories of items. Additionally, you should store valuable possessions like clothes in transparent and decorative boxes. Label the paperboard boxes with the names of its items so that all you can identify them easily.

Seal and Store

While cleaning all your stuff in the old spare room, you shouldn’t be surprised to see spiders, crawling insects, and rodents. These little organisms decided to find their ecosystem since you abandoned the junk room. After spending the whole day to clean and sort every item, be decisive about what to do with each box. Send what you are giving to charity without delay, and generate revenue from what you can. Also, seal and store the box with your valuable items for the future. Don’t hesitate to dump all junk items in the refuse bin. These include items that you may not want to let go of, such as a wire furniture you may share sentimental values with but needs to be discarded due to the rust it has developed over time. The refurbishment and creating space process might give you better ideas to buy new and improved furniture for your newly revamped room. So, don’t hesitate for a new change and a worthwhile de-clutter.

It might be easy to wipe the dust-off items if you leave these boxes in another room without sealing them. However, you’ll save yourself the hassles of chasing after crawling insects and rodents when you get rid of clutter from the junk room.

Upgrade the Old Spare Room

Apart from holding junks, you old spare room can serve useful purposes. It could serve as an additional guest room, baby’s room, or hold decorations for Halloween, Christmas or Easter. Give the room some upgrades after DE-cluttering and organising it. Simply use DIY (do-it-yourself) interior decorations and some cozy shades of paint on the walls. Usually, white paints make a clean, fresh room that’s comfortable. Don’t wash the floor of your old spare room before painting. Instead, clean the floors and cabinets after painting, and keep the room well-ventilated to reduce odour from chemicals.

Take Photos

Remember that pictures tell more than a thousand words. Take photographs of your old spare room with clutters and its new look after tidying up. It will remind you of how much progress was made in converting the junk room to some valuable space.


Monochrome or Colourful Interior Design?

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Depending on your style and preference, you may find black more appealing while others have a taste for colour. It can go in just about any direction, but one of the main points to remember is that interior design should be an extension of your creativity. This means that as long as you feel comfortable with your selection, then everything else will fall into place. There is no correct choice between using black and white versus colours because if you handle them well, they can bring life to any space. Nevertheless, let us look at the reasons why more people opt for colour versus black and white

Individual personality for each room

In today’s society, people are getting more conscious about expressing themselves as much as their creativity will allow. In saying this, using colours that speak to your personality is usually the best way to go. After all, how would you feel sleeping in a room with shades that are ‘loud’ and disturbing? You probably wouldn’t even get a wink, and that’s why colour selection is so important. For instance, yellow is a colour that is eye-catching and full of energy, while blue, on the other hand, would indicate a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Again, it all comes down to your style.

Shade selection

Colour is an element that can make or break any space. Given the fact that it works with several other components such as lighting, for example, choosing the right shade requires some amount of thought. However, before getting onto shades make sure you have seamless flooring down pat because your flooring choice can make all the difference to a room. It also depends on the type of space and the energy you want filling that void. So, for your kitchen, you may want to keep things vibrant that would cause you to look at lighter colour schemes while for office space, you may wish to have the relaxed feel and a darker colour might be just right.


If you walk into a room with black walls, dark curtains, and dark-coloured tiles how do you begin to feel? Sad, grim, serious and gloomy may be a few of the emotions that would arise because colours are so deeply intertwined with the way we feel and react. Like the famous Pablo Picasso once said, “Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions…” Therefore, you must be mindful of the mood you are setting when going with certain colours like white for instance. For some people, it can represent innocence and purity, but others can also see it as a sign of mourning. Adding a feature wall can brighten up a room and mood like no tomorrow. They add character, colour, and a great vibe.

Create Space

Even if your space is small, it doesn’t have to feel that way if you use the right colours. Matter of fact, the right choices can make your area seem more significant than it is. A point to note is that lighter reflect like and darker colours tend to absorb it. Therefore, the brighter the colour, the bigger the room will feel. Before you jump right in, this doesn’t mean that you need to paint every room in a bright or blinding colour to get the results you want. Light neutrals, off-whites, and light greys are the right places to start.

With the information provided. You will have a better understanding of how colours can affect space and make better choices when doing your interior designing. Ensure that the colours you choose are the ones you feel comfortable looking at regularly and don’t be afraid to let your creativity and sense of style go to work.

Renovating a Hotel- Tasmanian Tourism

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The best thing to do when it comes to renovating your hotel is to make sure it stands out. It is important to focus on cost-effectiveness when it comes to investing for long terms benefits, however, one must ensure that it is done correctly. Your reputation is on the line, and it is vital to keep up with modern trends and do it better than the hotel down the road. Especially considering a location like Tasmania, which is rich in luxury tourism, it is essential to keep in mind all those intricacies that make them step out in the market amongst the various other competitors offering the same service.

The happier the customers, the more they will come back which means more revenue in your pocket.

Here are the top 3 hotel trends to consider when renovating:

Adding Social lobbies:

Guests need a spot to power up, meet with colleagues, connect their devices to Wi-Fi and be able to have a private conversation when they are out of their rooms. An inviting lobby is just the place. Now called a social lobby the aim is to provide a gathering space to meet and socialise and be able to use the facilities of modern technology such as Wi-Fi and charging their gadgets.

When you start renovating allow for some table and chairs where people can set up their laptops or iPad with plenty of charging ports and room to move but also be private. Although lobbies had the traditional outlook to it earlier, now hotels are changing them into a more social lounge with couches, Wi-Fi, coffee facilities and places where travellers can sit and check their emails etc. Time and efforts are now being invested into creating interesting work of art in their hotel lobbies in Hobart, and various other hotels all across Tasmania, to give the guests an unforgettable experience.

There was plenty of positive feedback regarding the more social atmosphere but allowing for privacy if you need to. This was understood from reviewing various feedbacks from hotel guests.

Guest-rooms with plugins:

Hotels are now getting up to speed with the technological demands of the growing world. Business people travel with smartphones, laptops that all need to be plugged in and charged several times while they are staying at the hotel.

Guests would prefer to stay in their own private room rather than carrying their laptop devices all the way down to the lobby. Allowing for outlets to charge and run such devices will keep hotel stayers happy and able to perform the duties they need to. Especially considering the business working class guests that stay at various Tasmanian hotels who expect not just a service but also luxury of comfort and options.

Even just having a family staying in a motel room there will be plugs needed to charge the parent’s cell phones, children may have an iPad, a laptop and an iPod that all need to be charged.

Most hotels are going for ten outlets to allow for technology devices among others like lamps and electric blankets. No one wants to be crawling on the floor or bending right down to reach power points having them at average height works well.

Changing things up:

Reinventing Food and Beverage to reconfigure the restaurant design along with the menu to freshen everything up and give the menu a new lease on life. This serves as an incentive for customers to come out and try the new items on the menu. The flourishing tourism in Tasmania has led

Most tend to design mainly on practicability when it comes to dining areas. While this is good, you need to be introducing creativity and add some romantic dining spaces, unique dinnerware with chairs and tables that stand out. Match styles and designs but don’t go for the traditional look that is old hat now and people want to see modern styling and current trends. Moreover, sprucing up the dining or diversifying the cuisines provided can further lead to increasing employment opportunities for hotel jobs facing the population. What better way to enhance your brand image than make it reflect a people and economy friendly place ?

Renewable Energy 101

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Believe it or not, plants are actually the first category of living things to discover renewable energy. It’s because the sun as bio-energy helps plants to grow and their store their food for man. Apart from being environmentally-friendly, using renewable sources of energy is a great way of avoiding the rising cost of fossil fuels. Let’s discuss the basics of several types of renewable energy.

What Is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is a broad term for any natural source of alternative energy that can be replenished. This source of energy will never deplete, or generate greenhouse gas emissions like fossil fuels. However, there are non-renewable sources of energy, but their alternative is our focus in this article.

What Form of Energy Are Is Not Renewable?

Typically, energy from fossil fuels like crude oil, coal, and natural gas cause environmental pollution. These are conventional and non-renewable finite resource that can’t be replenished naturally. Instead, coal from raw timber is obtained by burning wood and destroying the ecosystem of plants and animals. Consequently, the effect of deforestation can trigger global warming and cause unfavourable changes in climate.

Why Is Renewable Energy A Useful Alternative?

Naturally, renewable energy sources create a very low impact on the environment and they can be replenished. The latter benefit means that you can utilize renewable energy because the supply is infinite. Also, machines that work with solar, hydropower, biomass, wind, and geothermal energy have low maintenance costs. Many smart homeowners, entrepreneurs, and governments see renewable as viable alternatives because they are cost-effective sources of energy.


What Are the Types of Renewable Energy?

Solar Energy

Solar is the most common renewable energy source because it can be used on a small scale level. This source of energy is obtained by conserving photons (packets of energy) from sunlight, converting the current and utilizing the energy with solar technologies. Also, the ease of installing solar panels makes it easy for this type of energy portable. Solar energy can be utilized in the remotest part of the earth. However, the only drawback with solar energy is the amount of sunlight that different geographical location across the globe enjoys. There hardly adequate sunlight in the Polar Regions, while other locations in the northern hemisphere have the seasons. Usually, this source of energy is the best in regions like Africa where sunlight is not a luxury.


The Earth has more water than land, and hydroelectric installations are massive projects. Unlike solar energy that can be used on a small scale at home, hydroelectricity is a renewable source of energy that is commercially developed. It requires a special turbine, dam, and constant water supply to produce electricity. Usually, the electricity that’s generated from hydro dams is fed into the national grid. However, the drawbacks with hydroelectricity are the displacement of migration paths for fish and a drop in generation capacity when water levels drop during the dry season.

Wind Power

Wind power isn’t just a renewable source, but clean energy. You’ll find many wind farms across Europe where the inhabitants have huge investments in agriculture. Generally, the wind is air in motion and its energy requires massive turbines that convert it into electricity. Many commercial farmers rely on ‘off-grid’ power solutions like the wind. However, you might not get the best potential of wind energy from an environment with a cluster of buildings.

Biomass Energy

Biomass fuels are energy-efficient, and their process of energy production is cleaner than coal. However, this source of energy involves the harvesting of organic materials and burning them for energy. Usually, organic materials like plants and animals go through a ‘carbon-neutral’ process before they can produce ethanol and biodiesel for machines. By being ‘carbon-neutral’ carbon dioxide, they don’t discharge carbon dioxide into the environment. Instead, the process of generating biofuels ensures that carbon is absorbed during combustion.

Do Hotel Redesign cause Loss of Guests?

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Hotel re-designing and artistic renovation play an essential role in the strategic and long-term planning of hotel properties. Renovation enables hotel owners to rebuild and upgrades their hotel properties, which doesn’t only extend the lifespan of hotel properties but also boosts the efficiency, competitiveness and image of the hotel. Hotel especially requires a consistent round of renovating projects.

Hotel renovation may take various forms, which include building additional structures, rebuilding standing structures, interior and exterior renovations, such as painting, rewiring, plumbing work etc. and this normal involve many contractors handling structural tasks. However, most new hotels typically undergo cosmetic renovations.

Hotel renovations can constitute disturbance and privacy issues to guests. But depending on the type of renovation and how the hotel management is handling it, guests can still stay in hotels while renovating it. But if the hotel management does not well treat the renovation procedure, it can lead to loss or replacement of guests. Hence, the renovation could be difficult for both the hotel and its guests but if well handled, both parties will benefit from the renovation. This can be achieved through honesty.

When it comes to hotel renovations, honesty is the best policy. It is important and better for hotel management to inform their guests about any on-going renovation work right before they check-in. By doing this, guests wouldn’t be too surprised. A guest wouldn’t prefer opening their windows one day to see a large crane right outside as their view which they paid for. Remember, guests like to be surprised with a free bottle of sparkling wine in their room, and not sudden repeated hit on the wall or scaffolding lying outside their room.

Also, it would be an effective approach to put up an announcement on the hotel website for guests who make online bookings. This would notify guests about the on-going renovations when they book your hotel and they wouldn’t be too surprised when they see all the renovation activities and equipment. The announcement on the website would also be a sort of enticement for those guests who are considering a stay in the future. They would definitely want to come and experience your newly renovated hotel?

Moreover, during hotel renovation, especially an extensive one, guests should be offered a special renovation discount. This discount can ensure that hotel occupancies continue during the renovation and can as well buy quests’ goodwill.  So, in the case of an extensive hotel renovation, guests wouldn’t be able to complain as they are already aware of the renovation. Besides, they have received a discount as compensation from the hotel management.

Hotel renovations can sometimes be in favour of the guests. For instance, if there is an expensive hotel you have been dreaming of staying in but couldn’t afford.  A generous renovation discount from the management of such a hotel can make the hotel an affordable luxury for you. You might even enjoy free breakfast or a complimentary bottle of champagne.

In most hotels, renovation work stops at 6 pm. Hence, if you would be out all day to return in the evening, you would always enjoy your evenings in absolute luxury. Also, there are other benefits attached to hotel renovation, even if the renovation is not a major one. For instance, you can enjoy half-price spa treatments.

Hotel renovations are necessary activities that must be conducted for the eventual benefits of hotel management and guests. Most hotel renovation activities are actually less dramatic and present minor inconveniences, which may include a closed pool, slight obstructions, low loaders in the parking or construction noise. But these issues can also be resolved and the difficulties accommodated with patience, politeness, and persistence. So, if the hotel you are about to book is under renovation, you can stay in a hotel while renovating it.


Themes selected for a New Home at Present

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The theme you choose for your new home would definitely determine its aesthetic value and curb appeal. The transition from the themes chosen for a home from back in the past has substantially evolved in terms of one’s outlook and preferences, over the years. Now what one considers a ‘proper theme’ is perceived differently by different people. What one needs, depends on what they’re looking for and how they define themselves. Whether you want to decorate the whole house or a single room, there are lots of perfect themes and styles to match from which you can choose. All you have to do is focus on your available options, your preferences, and the right elements that would enable you to achieve the desired style for your new home—be it a castle or a cottage.

Selecting a theme for your new home could turn out to be an overwhelming task considering the many products available in the market. Buyers expect more for their new homes, and consumers have so many options to choose from – there is indeed a wide range of decorations, colours, finishes, and prices. Though the list of themes to give your new home an appealing look is inexhaustible, it is important that you know how to select a specific theme for a new home. These tips below will guide you:

Preferred style

If you haven’t chosen your preferred style yet, you can’t identify any style, or if you’re not sure about how to start, then consider these four styles below:

Traditional Style:Consider traditional styles and compare these styles with some latest decorating trends. You will realise that nothing is actually new; the styles were, rather, given a face-lift. Nevertheless, seeing how old traditional styled themes adapt to a fresh, new look could be fun.

Formal Style:Formal style invites symmetry, elegance, and attractive furniture, be it outdoors or indoors. Consider a style with tall windows, polished woods, and high ceilings. Decorative trims, antique accessories, and imported rugs are necessities for a formal style theme.

Contemporary Style:Contemporary style keeps modern trends alive. Contemporary style includes a subtle, simplistic, and fundamental sophistication. It sometimes involves neutral colours, structural elements, and smooth and geometric items of furniture. However, contemporary style changes with time.

Casual Style:Casual style brings relaxation, warmth, and comfort to your home. Basically, casual style can be achieved by using soft furniture with textured fabrics, rustic design, and rectangular elements. This is perfectly suited in terms of houses by the coastal areas where the inspired designs reflect a casual beach style furniture and other simplistic designs.

Inspiration from around the World

After you have chosen your preferred general style above, proceed to browse for photos and inspiration online and around the world that will help you when it comes to colour and influence. Note that though each general style has a distinctive look, getting into details can create a huge difference like making you feel you’re in an Irish home or a home in New York City. Consider these four inspirations:

French Country Style:This style usually involves a pop of colour in an ivory kitchen, mixed patterns, chandeliers, and symmetrical chairs.

Tuscan Style:This style combines earthy colours, wood, and natural stone. If you opt-in for this style, consider using rustic shutters, copper pots, open cupboards, and terracotta.

Swedish Style: This style can come in clean, light, white, and blue. Minimalistic surfaces with red and gold accents, gentle curves and straight lines for furniture, and simple woven materials are the Swedish style.

Paris Apartment Style:this style adds mystery and romance to your home. When you choose this style, then think luxurious silks, neoclassical with rich jewel colours, rococo, baroque, and large posters of French landmarks.

You can also take your theme style one step forward by using your own personal style, whether western, tropical, shady chic, or rustic. Consider other trending decorations, how to incorporate accessories, flowers, and furniture items you love, and how exactly you want your new home to feel. However, don’t forget to also consider your budget and how spacious your new home is; these will determine your choice of theme.